Music from 2019

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And then check out public playlists. You’ll see them all in order. Not gonna lie: I got snatched up into some podcasts this past year. My resilient brain is finally succumbing to the blanket of silence draped over my life, and so it’s like I have chatty roommates that I can tune in and out as needed. Plus, singers don’t ever piss me off, and it’s important to experience a full range of emotion.

But the playlists live on. It’s a strange sort of ear journal.

Here’s November 2019, which was a solid month scattered across genres:

And I’m ordering the Best of 2019 now. Songs are selected, merely need some ordering.

July 2018

I intend to share some more music videos from this playlist and dig into the songs as they’re highlighted. And I’ve already covered a few. More to come! 6ix9ine and SOPHIE and Kirin in particular, if you want to prepare yourself, do some advance studying.

The most important reaction to this entire month’s playlist is my anger that the breakdown from 2:15 – 2:28 of Drake’s “In My Feelings” isn’t a whole song.

July 2018

June 2018

I heard “Don’t Bring Me Down” at the roller rink and it instantly kindled the flame, which is a surprise considering I’ve watched this more than one hundred times.

There’s a load of pop on this one; filling space like cotton candy yet dense as a jawbreaker. Hayley Kiyoko makes several appearances, including “Curious” and a remix. Did the same thing with GIRLI’s “Not That Girl.” What can I say? When I like a song, I like a song.

I’m pretty frustrated that Janelle’s “Screwed” isn’t a music video yet after the aural/visual joy of both “Pynk” and “Make Me Feel,” but I’m holding out hope. Glades’s “Do Right” kept me afloat the entire month, the Golden Rule of the title expanding into my surroundings. And “Duck Duck Goose” by cupcakKe had something else expanding I’ll tell you what! (My appreciation for cupcakKe, of course.)

Jump in, the water’s fine. But it’s music. Can you breathe music? Let’s find out. In a controlled environment with lifeguards maybe.

June 2018

May 2018

May’s playlist. The Maylist. Nobody’s ever done that before, I’m sure. Off to a great start.

Celebrated the return of Blanck Mass with the driving, rasping “Odd Scene.” Shook my booty to District 78’s “Booty Shakin Music” after shazaming it out of the background music in a Parks and Recreation scene. Swooned to the timeless duo of A$AP Ferg and Elle Fanning on their Tiffany Diamond-sponsored re-interpretation of “Moon River.”

Summer is shaping up nicely. The year is too. Have I ever dropped a bad playlist? In my humble opinion, they’ve always been slaylists.

May 2018

April 2018

I cannot, for the life of me, keep the titling format of these playlist posts consistent.

And yet the yams remain yammin’, the slams keep slammin’.

Big months for Janelle Monáe, Death Grips, and dudes named Danny. “Make You Feel” and “Pynk” both impossibly sensual and funky, I can’t believe I haven’t bumped the whole album yet. On the flip side of things, I had six hours of transit early in the month and burned through the entire Death Grips discography. Weirdly enough, I only found the special sauce on their latest full release, Bottomless Pit (but new single “Streaky” is exciting me, it’s way bleep-bloopier than previous work).

And finally the Danwich features buns made of Harle, but they don’t measure up to the purestrain pop of Sunshine. “Never Thought” reads so basic but feels so euphoric.

Little sidebar for Alex Cameron here too– “Marlon Brando” is the highlight of an album that I never expected to enjoy. I don’t even know who recommended it to me. His crustpunk Springsteen crooning almost coerces me into belting “f*ggot” right along with him. (Don’t worry, he gets reflective on his word choice even before reaching the end of the song.)

Also for like three days straight I couldn’t stop listening to Anna Kendrick’s rendition of “Cups.” I cannot be trusted to guide my own life.

First half shredded, back half aesthetic. Love it. May’s gonna be huge.

April 2018

February 18

I warned you! I warned you it was slamming into your life hard n’ fast! EVEN IF YOU CAN’T LOVE PEOPLE, YOU CAN LOVE SONGS

A lot of top-notch selections here. The “Come First” remix may be my favorite Terror Jr. so far. The new verse by fake-Kylie is as much gasoline in my veins as the gasoline she’s slurping down. “BOOGIE” just barely didn’t make it into last year’s Best Of, because I was still sorting through that entire BROCKHAMPTON album (which also landed two other tracks on here). “Ouagadougou” is super cute but also makes me feel racist? Why is this white band doing a whole Africa song??? Still cute. And then dimber with their album damber: a rollicking 15min EP and “Manges Tes Morts” has been a fistpumping throatshredding repeater for me. Aryay’s “Never Gonna Leave” is a Pretty Lights-esque banger that mek me cri every tiem because it’s about dying kids. “Passenger Side” is killer pop with evocative lyrics, enough so that we got the original and a remix on here.

And then I ruin it all with a serious block of Undertale remixes. Sorry. That’s more for me than you. For sure.

Feb 18

January 2018

I didn’t give up. I can never give up! Silicon Valley provided two songs here, including this month’s winner, “RAW,” a song that makes me feel RAW and scraped up, it’s a world-conqueror for sure. Tenkitsune’s “Phantomile Wonderland,” despite its furry origins, will get you out of bed if nothing else. “Wrong” by TSAR is from Party Down. January is always embarrassing, because I’m still enjoying my Best Of playlist from the previous year.

February is going to hurt you though. >:)

January 18

BEST 2017

best 2017


My 50 favorite songs of the year — ordered by tempo and vibe — not necessarily FROM 2017, just heard by me in 2017

Some notable absences:
  • Selena Gomez (They’re great, but “Fetish” and “Bad Liar” didn’t break through for me. Sorry Selene Queen)
  • the entire genre of hip-hop (there’s plenty throughout the monthly playlists, but less represented here)
  • Kero Kero Bonito (I’m not vibing on their latest stuff and keep coasting on the old)
  • Hitchhiker (C’mon where are you, silver spaceman)


My favorite discovery of the year was absolutely Terror Jr. They’re represented in two songs here, tying Coucheron and Blanck Mass (who have a sorta intro song included here that doesn’t count). (Also Tove Styrke has a song and a remix of that same song. Doesn’t count.)


Speaking of Blanck Mass: also a huge discovery. Love both the albums I dug into this year, and this follow-up project to Fuck Buttons answers the question of “What sorta spin could possibly improve Fuck Buttons?” with a resounding “witchgoth industrial.”


Started it off with BROCKHAMPTON since it’s an optimistic tune and these guys’ sun is  shining brightly right now. Excited to find out how many albums they release in 2018, considering this first three have captivated me pretty well. Kanyefriends for lyfe.


The category of Most Listened Songs is funny, because looking at the stats a year back from today… Only three of the top five songs are from 2017. That means in the past month, I’ve listened to two songs more than almost everything else in 2017. Youch.


  1. Ghosted, “Get Some” – raunchy electro pop, slinky and funky; some gets gotten.
  2. TYSM, “Wraith” – sad bedroom glitch-pleas over delicate plinks and plonks.
  3. BROCKHAMPTON, “SUNNY” – this smile says “good morning: don’t fuck with us.”
  4. Aryay, “Always Wanted You (ft. Kimbra)” – a beat of bullhorn shrieks tempered by sultry coos.
  5. Tove Styrke, “Mistakes” –  this song has eight different catchy melodies; all Tove’s wobbly lilt.


Since there’s no “Wraith” video, here’s another great TYSM song with a WILD video, “Honeymoon Phase.”


Since there are no BROCKHAMPTON videos at all, here’s an amazing clip of them performing my fave song off SATURATION III (which is technically a January 2018 song for me), “BOOGIE.”


Since there’s no “Always Wanted You” video, here’s another fresh Aryay song that’s apparently about uhhhhhhh how everyone you love will eventually die: “Never Gonna Leave”


And, finally, just feel like it should be mentioned, Otto Knows creates the most reverential big room house out there. Here’s more evidence from years past: Otto Knows, “Million Voices,” in which some skate teens create the Aurora Borealis and then start making out, it’s the most-Scandinavian vision of youth ever.


That’s all. Here it is. Bi now.


Best 2017


December 2017

It was really difficult for me to type out 2017 across the course of creating this playlist and post and cover art given that we’re more than halfway through January. Just one more to go for the year. The best-of is coming up. It’s in the pipeline. Sliding down the artery. Soggy, slow glop. Get ready.

December 2017