Diplo and Dillon Francis, “Que Que feat. Maluca”

I’m so glad that Diplo has brought moombahton under his wing. “Que Que” is one of his personal contributions to the Blow Your Head Vol. 2 compilation, and I’ve noticed it getting the most buzz out of any of the tracks. It’s two remixes are almost the centerpiece of the set below.

What’s especially wonderful is how “Que Que” never feels repetitive. Every step of the way Diplo and Dillon are pushing the song to greater heights. It feels more like an actual song with structure and pacing as opposed to a piece of a set, which is something that I feel dance musicians/producers of all types should be aiming for.

Blow Your Head Vol. 2 – Dave Nada Presents Moombahton

Mad Decent’s most recent release is chock full of fat funky moombahton the whole way through. If that wasn’t enough, the album was just awarded a 7.6 by Pitchfork, who are already sorta down on the majority of house music in the first place. I’m bumping it as I type, and “Que Que” comes highly recommended.

(Link is sNSFW, wet t-shirt)

Blow Your Head Vol. 2 – Dave Nada Presents Moombahton

Bassanovva, “Chicken Lover (Munchi Likes ‘Em Fried Moombahton remix)”

Whoah, I had heard a tiny bit of moombahton a month ago and didn’t think much of it, but the genre has moved a lot further in a very short time. Dirty dutch at the tempo of reggaeton, and just a dash of international flavor. I would much rather grind to this than dubstep, that’s for sure.