Saweetie, “Tap In”

Great to pair with the below vid. This looks stellar and was probably so easy to make. One warehouse, five dancers, three sets, six cars, CGI, done. We’re lucky to live in an era where the basic music videos are still stunning to watch. Song’s hyphy too.

Joywave, “Somebody New”

I saw this video when it first came out, but I’m not sure why I didn’t lock into my brain at the time. This homage to HelixSnake’s legendary Skate videos is an ironclad example of music video pacing. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times: start with a concept and narrative, expanding both until an overwhelming climax– turn the knob from 1 to 10… And then jump it to 20 in the last half-minute.

Jump it like a skateboard jumping the city.

Doja Cat, “Mooo!”

Is she rebranding herself? Is she Doja Cow now? She disavows cats in the chorus. She does not meow.

I love this so much because it’s so fully fleshed-out by one person in a bedroom. The question she asked herself is “if I was a cow, how would I own it?” “Time to re-purpose Luda and Kelis with a bovine twist.” From there, she said “I have a laptop and a green screen, how do I film the music video?” “Let me look in my closet for cow-like, farmer-ish outfits.” “Order a burger? Sure, I’m hungry!” And she floats through it all with her charisma and confidence. “Bitch, I’m a cow” never felt so powerful. Been lowing “mooo” all day in both positive and negative tones.

If you haven’t seen her leading single “Go To Town” yet, you might as well. Props for the Cyriak clip that crops up too.

YACHT, “Strawberry Moon”

After playing her this song, a friend suggested we watch the YACHT “sex tape” with neither of us knowing the twist. (I am willing to watch pornos with friends for academic purposes, never prurient.) That video in tandem with this video (“what IS the Red Hot Chili Peppers?”) has me convinced there’s no funnier indie band. Not to mention this song is cutely sensual and catchier than it has any right to be.

Alex Cameron, “Candy May”

Massive role model vibes from Alex Cameron. Highlights are any clips of him dancing, like the hotel parking lot or the strip mall parking lot or the Vegas sidewalk with his saxophone boy Roy Malloy. I’m left with one question: for such a scummy life, how does he keep those white jeans spotless? Dude’s torso is entirely spots.