The New York Times, “’60 Minutes’ Chief Ousted for a Threatening Text as Upheaval at CBS Continues”

“There are people who lost their jobs trying to harm me, and if you pass on these damaging claims without your own reporting to back them up that will become a serious problem,” Mr. Fager wrote in a text message, which CBS News aired on Wednesday’s “Evening News” in a segment reported by Ms. Duncan.

This story also reports Fager’s co-workers at 60 Minutes stunned that a text message could undo years of good work. How is this a fireable offense? they ask.

Anyone willing to threaten a fellow professional is more a criminal than a colleague. That’s all there is to it. If you’d wield your power as seen above, how else are you brandishing it? I wouldn’t dare work with Fager if he hints at his behind-the-scenes power as a bludgeon. Stockholm Syndrome is real. Get a replacement who would deny allegations without gesturing at violent mythmaking.

[insert photo or gif or video of any pop culture reference to an airplane or a fight, bonus points if it’s both in one, apparently this all it takes these days, this satisfies, i am a content creator, i am an art]
Consider why we might not provide the same treatment to Sean Spicer’s holocaust of a press statement today. Consider the previous sentence. Consider why we don’t share video of James Bond choking out in a hermetically-sealed vacuum chamber with “#SeanSpicer” flashing in Impact font over top. I don’t know what to consider about it, I don’t know where you might land, but I wonder how our humor and memes wind around these topics, eroding the edges as they rub and constrict.

The Huffington Post – ‘It’s Now Or Never,’ Texted Teen Charged In Boyfriend’s Suicide

What do we do with criminals criming through Munchausen syndrome by proxy? Our understanding of human Evil with a capital E is that it’s the most extreme aberration from the “common sense” of human good. When mental illness is stigmatized, you end up with a sick young woman believing wholeheartedly in the futility of her boyfriend’s depression and seeking a silver lining. (“I can write a college essay about this~!”) Everyone’s hurt when we sentence criminals to punishment over rehabilitation. Prisons should be highly-controlled schools for “How To Be Good.”

It’s wrong that I’m sympathetic enough to write about this (but also it’s a fascinating, dark, contemporary, insightful story) while I don’t muster up the same emotion for thieves, rapists, killers. But maybe it’ll be in mind next time I’m confronted with “senseless” crime.

I just don’t think it’s wise to posture like this when, barring much more common drawn-out mental illness like I’m suggesting Carter suffered from, psychotic breaks can happen to anyone, any time. No testimony to your own sanity will protect you if it happens. And hopefully they won’t demand a live cremation for you, but I wouldn’t count on it yet. (After posting I realized I didn’t feature any of the comments from people wishing she could suffer the death penalty, but trust me: they’re out there en masse.)

Gawker – This Is a Good Newspaper Front Page


Peel back the sticky poultice we re-apply every day on our wounded nation and purge the pus of violence. Grief, disgust, anger, these are not our enemies when it comes to action. I feel blessed to be moved, alert by my discomfort, and resolved to eradicate that pain rather than avoid it. ISIS produces propaganda, Williams gave us reality TV.

And while Gawker, like any publication, is far from blameless, I salute them for boldness. I’d rather read an opinion piece included in the same feed as news stories than stomach the “objectivity” of any 24 hour news network.

Protests Planned After Fatal Police Shooting of Black Cleveland Teen

Two black cops shot and killed an unarmed black teen during an attempted burglary. Whether they were white or black on either side, I’d say the same thing: no hand-wringing necessary, fire the cops. Their job is to protect and serve. If the two of them were unable to protect themselves (and, by extension, us) from an unarmed teenager, enough that they felt threatened for their lives, I think that’s grounds for firing. Other folks lose their jobs for much less. Restore respect in the police force with strong, transparent administrative action and better recruits, drawn to the work by good cops, will fill the positions left behind.

Drug Found to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk by Half

Let’s have some good news! And here’s the important science of the abstract:

1920 women were randomly assigned to receive anastrozole and 1944 to placebo. After a median follow-up of 5·0 years (IQR 3·0—7·1), 40 women in the anastrozole group (2%) and 85 in the placebo group (4%) had developed breast cancer (hazard ratio 0·47, 95% CI 0·32—0·68, p<0·0001). The predicted cumulative incidence of all breast cancers after 7 years was 5·6% in the placebo group and 2·8% in the anastrozole group. 18 deaths were reported in the anastrozole group and 17 in the placebo group, and no specific causes were more common in one group than the other (p=0·836).

Drug Found to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk by Half


Hate Crime Investigation of the Day: Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old mother of five who emigrated from Iraq with her husband 17 years ago, was found severely beaten inside her El Cajon, California home next to a note that allegedly read “go back to your own country. You’re a terrorist.”

Alawadi was rushed to the hospital, but passed away after being taken off life support yesterday afternoon.

Investigators say they believe this was “an isolated incident,” and a hate crime is just “one of the possibilities” they are exploring.

[utsandiego / cnn.]

Really, y’all? ONE of the possibilities? I guess you have to fucking rule out suicide first, huh?