I have been following Paul Robertson for over a decade now. I know I shit on much joy and I also abhor advertising, but I have to share this. It’s not even the first animation that Robertson has done for Adult Swim, or even Rick & Morty. But guys I think I just want to prove to you that there are many cultural objects out there that make my eyes well with tears and find my soul a-tickled. Maybe I don’t share them on the sosh because I want to keep them all to myself, or maybe I don’t share because the 70% of my lifespan spent on the internet has taught me that no 1 curr. But there are so so so so so very tons of items out there that fill me with a squiggly custard of pleasure (not cum). So…. Here’s one. And maybe I’ll tell you about another one sometime soon. Or maybe I’ll continue to pass culture through a snark-sharpened tablesaw.

EDIT: fuck off wordpress, the embed shows up fine in the drafting screen, goddammit, i’m not even attempting to fix this, just click the goddamn link, all i wanted to do was be positive in my internet writing for two seconds, now i’m so mad again, i’m furious, fuck off

the end



P-Rob: I hope this means you’re going on to better things that I’ll be able to spend money on for you. But if I’m being real w/ u, dude i’ve nvr met, i’m hoping more that it’s just the name of another beautiful piece of future art


SUPER SEXY BURGER TIME – “Battle Against Paula Deen” (The Seven Corrupted Burg Gods From Beyond The Veil)


Paul Robertson, hot off the heels of his last piece, reminds me of the fact that there simply isn’t enough time to become talented in all arenas so I’ll just have to hope he keeps creating exactly what I want to see.


Super Burger Time – click on it for FULL SIZE

Paul Robertson squeezes the mundane (tomatoes, or Guy Fieri) through the SNES controller cord plugged into my brain stem. As always.