Music from 2019

Surprise, friendos. Gotta make my $10/yr domain fee worth it with a single post!

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And then check out public playlists. You’ll see them all in order. Not gonna lie: I got snatched up into some podcasts this past year. My resilient brain is finally succumbing to the blanket of silence draped over my life, and so it’s like I have chatty roommates that I can tune in and out as needed. Plus, singers don’t ever piss me off, and it’s important to experience a full range of emotion.

But the playlists live on. It’s a strange sort of ear journal.

Here’s November 2019, which was a solid month scattered across genres:

And I’m ordering the Best of 2019 now. Songs are selected, merely need some ordering.

July 2018

I intend to share some more music videos from this playlist and dig into the songs as they’re highlighted. And I’ve already covered a few. More to come! 6ix9ine and SOPHIE and Kirin in particular, if you want to prepare yourself, do some advance studying.

The most important reaction to this entire month’s playlist is my anger that the breakdown from 2:15 – 2:28 of Drake’s “In My Feelings” isn’t a whole song.

July 2018

November 2017

Oh you thought that was it, huh? You thought October was the end of the line? That ya boy couldn’t post three months in one day?? I’m proving everyone wrong, least of all myself.

This is a pretty quick one but it features some sweet highlights, and I do mean sweet– “Let You Down” and “Feels Great” are both sugary sing-alongs meant to get a fist pumping. Fetty Wap! He’s there! Kehlani’s “Touch” is sensual and driving but a total earworm at the same time. Don’t you love it when these dirty-ish songs get stuck in your head? And “Burn Out” will do just that to your shoes, you gonna be bouncing so hard on the dance floor.

November 2017


October 2017

Get them all in your face and out of mine. Here’s a spoooo~oooky playlist because it’s, like, frightening how dank I am at curating tunes. And also terrifying in its delay.

Some suh-LICK pop at the top with the DROELOE remix of Charli’s “Boys,” then Tove Stryke’s “Mistakes,” and “Take Me” by Aly & AJ. The songs by Elohim and (the ever-present) Terror Jr that immediately follow are no slouches either. They all might make it to my Best of 2017 list… Which you’ll undoubtedly receive in July.

There’s some light-hearted hip-hop coming up in the middle and then some bouncy EDM punchfests near the end. October has it all. I’m shrieking.

October 2017

September 2017

Really quick and simple for ol’ Stephen, as we all call this month. No Terror Jr. on this one, but rap-forum collective Brockhampton kick it off with a rise-and-shine welcome and Trippy Turtle’s EP makes up the meat. Mmmmm, turtle meat.

September 2017

February 2017

This one is like all over-processed, digital sugarbeats up until the last two songs, which are, in turn, straight-forward indie rock and then possibly the quietest, slowest song ever playlisted by me in my monthly series. A RARE GEM INDEED

Feb 17


Also March is going to be huge. Seems to happen this way every year?

October 2016

Dropping this here and now because there’s more important shit going on than agonizing over the order of a playlist. And I don’t mean politically, I mean hierarchy of needs-ally. Wow these songs are good though. AINT THEY ALWAYS

Oct 16


July 2016

Once again, all these songs were set aside… Waiting… Waiting for me to assemble them into the seventh playlist of the year. A lot of top jams here: “She Talks Too Much” is somehow venomous¬†and wistful, “Wow” is a perfect summer song arriving during the hottest LA months (even if they’re practically fall), the beat of “Work Work” makes no sense but work works, Nelly continues to crush his features with “Millionaire,” and, regardless how you feel about the flick, the Ghostbusters soundtrack provided two excellent pop constructs.

But also: get hype for August and September. Holy wow have I made some great discoveries.

July 2016