A tattoo I’m taken with by Brandon David from Ink & Dagger in Georgia.

This is what I think a tattoo should be. If it must include cultural bits & bobs like Snorlax, then do more then a facsimile. Make that Snorlax your Snorlax, because you’re you and you appreciate this world for different reasons than the person on the bus ogling your tight tat. I assume this one’s bearer loves the outdoors, and so we end up with the digital vs. the natural, the cartoonish vs. the realistic, sleep vs. activity– a universe borne on the tummy of a cute behemoth. What happens when he wakes?

Look at how much is going on in this tiny black-and-white tat!

Pokemon Skater Dress

I’m close to broke so it’s a slight consolation knowing that I would be broke if I was a young lady about town.

Pokemon Skater Dress


I decided to make custom R/B sprites for the current Twitch Plays Pokemon team! They’re transparent! Feel free to use them anywhere you like, you don’t have to credit, but it’d be really nice if you did. :>

aaabaaajss (Bird Jesus): Obviously looking holy, the laurels in beak represent victory.
AATTVVV (All-Terrain-Venomoth): Self-explanatory.
OMANYTE (LORD HELIX): The appointed god of TPP, risen from the Lord Helix. It’s facing away from the viewer because it is guiding Red.
AIIIIIIRRR (Air Jordan): Ready to SURF some waves and shoot some hoops.
AA-j (Double-A Jay): Also known as “Archangel of Justice.” It’s the battery bird, who’s had both positive and negative effects on Red’s adventure.

( G/S colors | Evolved LORD HELIX, Abby, DUX, and BigDig sprites | Flareon sprite )

The first round of Twitch Plays Pokemon wrapped up Friday night after 16 days of schizophrenic battling and songs of praise for the Helix Fossil. A lot of fan art was drawn up, but none better than this: a collection of sprites tailored specifically to the ‘mons used on the winning team and their crowd-sourced backstory. What most impresses me is the adherence to the style of the sprites in the first-gen games, which frequently looked cartoonish and disproportionate compared to the official art of the series. Can’t wait to see what springs from the mob’s playthrough of the 2nd Gen! (which, by my count, started about two hours ago?!?)

Scientifically Accurate Pokemon

Every comedian taking a crack at Pokemon has brought up Ash’s pre-teen runaway status, the dogfighting similarities, and how ridiculous some Pokemon are. But watching these realistic situations break Ash over and over is what elevates this video beyond rapid-fire “what if”s. Bonus points for ending the song on “Pokedicks,” which is a question of scientific accuracy that doesn’t need to be addressed any further than the Tyler Durden Snorlax we catch in the final frame.

That’s why Magikarp sits around/ he reverse drowned/