G-Eazy, “Lost in Translation”

I’ve been listening to G-Eazy a lot over the past few weeks— his flow is so easy to follow and he even has a couple of good thematic concepts for his songs (“Makeup Sex,” “Runaround Sue.”) I’ve also been listening to PON PON PON, one of the Japanese videos I threw up on here when I was delving into the seamy underbelly of j-pop vids.

I got to wake up this morning and find out that both of these musical interests of mine have somehow found each other. The world is a good place.

JAKAZiD, “PONPONPON De Floor (きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ vs. Major Lazer)”

Not safe for work, but you’ve probably seen the Pon De Floor video enough times to know that by now. I am definitely including this next time I DJ. The collision of the pitch-perfect fluff of j-pop with the dancehall dirty dutch of Major Lazer is like watching the corruption of innocence. The course of history has been irrevocably altered. We’ll never forget this day.