May 16

I’ve got a new sort of listening rotation where I plan on posting in the middle of the current month to share last month’s playlist. But it should allow me to keep music delineated truer to the months based on when I was listening. Doesn’t really mean anything to you, given that you aren’t me and also we’re all irregular visitors here.

Anyway. I think this is a really strong playlist. All came together really well. Start summer (halfway through it) right.

Edit: haha its literally the first day of summer. ok

May 2016

Kero Kero Bonito, “Sick Beat (Danny L Harle remix)”

Okay, let me be a little more reasonable. I discovered Kero Kero Bonito last week and was charmed from the get-go. They sound like Cibo Matto decided to make techno beats with the synths available in the 90s, and even more Japanese flair, and also a time-traveling Uffie showed up to teach Bonito about rhymes. The samples here are heavy on the 8-bit nostalgia: the musical splash starting a game of Mario 64 gets chopped up for the original “Sick Beat,” and gory nursery rhyme “Cat Vs. Dog” is built in SNES timewaster Mario Paint’s music composing feature. I selected this remix because the peppiness of its beat matches the deadpan boasts better, and it makes me smile lots.