Riff Raff, “Summer of Surf”

I met a guy named Sully on Monday. We chatted about Riff Raff (aka JODY HiGHROLLER) and Sully revealed that he had actually encountered the Riffster a couple weeks prior. He saw RR biking in circles near West Hollywood, and Sully yelled his name. Riff Raff pointed directly at Sully, said “yes,” and biked in the opposite direction as fast as he could.

Hip-hop needs some real weirdos right now, and the west coast is full of them. The important facet to Riff Raff’s posturing is his inclusiveness: check out all the folks dancing around and laughing, happy to be a part of some wack-ass rapper’s video, no matter that his beard looks like a heart rate monitor. The chorus here is perfect catchy, despite exclusively detailing swag and surf. I just wanna know why the man himself sounds so delicate. If his inflection was in line with his other tracks, this would be his number one by a long shot.

Kitty Pryde, “Orion’s Belt (feat. Riff Raff)”

I saw this the day it premiered but it took a rewatch on Friday to get me hooked on Kitty Pryde. Now I’ve listened to her new EP Haha, I’m Sorry about ten times and drilled the hazy elephant-walk beat of this track deep into my brain. The 19 year-old rapper met up with Riff Raff in Daytona Beach for a spur of the moment recording session and video shoot, and the low-budget result is garish and off-putting (sorta like Riff Raff himself.)

Kitty’s rhythm is effortless, and her cadence so detached— I see her hair and can’t help but imagine a rapping Lana Del Rey. Riff Raff, on the other hand, is the definition of effort. His halting verses sound like he’s actually making his tangential cultural references up on the spot. Sometimes his coherence suffers (he rhymes “rhinoceros” and “immaculate” right off the bat) but there are occasional flashes of brilliance (your girlfriend’s vagina smells like Bumblebee Tuna/ she duct-taped me to the dumpster otherwise I would have left sooner Riff!/)

Riff Raff just signed to Mad Decent for untold stacks (rumored $3 mil???) while Kitty Pryde hangs out with the likes of Danny Brown and Childish Gambino. I hope to see more of both.

wee! I can rap/ I’m not mean but you’re wack/