Robyn, “Hang With Me”

Okay, let’s try to break this down. First of all, we have to recognize that Robyn is the one demanding control the entire track. You’re on her playing field now, which has pretty much always been her personality but it’s important to mention. “I guess you can hang with me” is so non-committal, and it’s repeated through the entire song.

But when she describes the actual act of hanging with her, from asking you to let her know when she “drifts astray” to “picking [her] up” when her “patience [wears] thin,” and it really doesn’t sound like just hanging. That sounds like full-on love, which is compounded in the first line of the song, where she asks “how we’re gonna be just friends.”

The problem is that in spite of all this need for a respectable man that she could marry, in the chorus she asks you not to “fall recklessly headlessly in love with [her.]” What do we do with that?!

Robyn knows that blind lust on first sight only ends in heartbreak, and so she needs someone who can “hang” with her for the rest of her life. She also smashes the idea of “just friends,” because what else is the person who you spend eternity with? The best friend ever.

Also I give props to her for the intro to the chorus, which just pushes your mind right where she wants it to go: First, she says “if you do me right,” then comes “if you keep it tight,” and then finally “I know what’s on your mind, there’ll be time for that too.” I don’t know about y’all, but those first two parts SCREAM sex (even though she never explicitly says it) and then she tells you EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE THINKING. That’s kinda insane.

I don’t think this song is perfect, (it’s awesome though,) I was just bored for about 10 minutes today so I listened to it and wrote down all my thoughts in a notebook. whoops

then i guess you can haaaaaang with me

Listening to Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 1, I am blown away by the over-instrumented dub-synth freakout “Non of Dem.” It’s absolutely ridiculous on many levels but I can’t tell if I like it or not. I’ll have to dwell, but you should hunt it down. Also, the Diplo produced “Dancehall Queen” is dubstep done absolutely right.

Also is it just me or are the lyrics of “Hang With Me” really really dirty? I guess maybe they’re supposed to be vague and I have a dirty mind.

Robyn, “Dancing On My Own”

God, I might as well have just posted this song for the moment at 3:02.

Seriously, on basis of sheer songwriting talent, Robyn should be so much more famous than Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. (In the end though, the three don’t really compare. LOVE Y’ALL LADIES) Even though the beat chugs along the whole time, the track becomes more and more captivating right up to that last explosion into the chorus. I don’t know how it happens, but I hope that you feel it too.

Robyn’s next album, Body Talk Pt. 1, releases June 15th after a five year hiatus of new work by her. Epic.

i’m giving it my all, but i’m not the girl you’re taking home