What Your Facebook Updates Say About Your Age


For instance, did you know…

That as we get older we become dulled to our own emotions? And another thing that happens when we get older:

We talk up life more to push back the thought of our impending doom, whereas teens have almost three times as many life-or-death experiences as old folks.

We think most cool things are cool until we learn other ways to describe them as such. It looks like I’ll be saying “dope” until I’m about 25, at which point I’m equally as likely to say it and “hella,” because that’s totally how people talk these days. (Or at least type.) Finally, all falls before the power of “hip,” especially “swag,” which nobody discusses after the age of 45. All swag has left our frail bodies.

I will do everything in my power to say “dong” well into fading health.

hahahahhaahaha 60 year olds talk about Lindsay Lohan way more than anyone else, GET IT TOGETHER IT’S MILEY’S TURN NOW

What Your Facebook Updates Say About Your Age


Science Experiment of the Day: Georgia Institute of Technology engineering professor David Hu and his graduate student Nathan J. Mlot try to force a cluster of fire ants into a body of water so you don’t have to (although you may want to after seeing what happens when you try to force a cluster of fire ants into a body of water).

[antlab / reddit.]

Did anyone else spaz out at what the ants must have been thinking in this situation? Not that I think these guys are horrible cruel monsters for doing science; all I’m saying is don’t even think about watching Marley & Me in my house, or you’ll get empathy all over your nice clothes.

But I’m genuinely bewildered by people who tout creationism and so forth. It was understandable that Gosse should do so in his book, Omphalos, which was published in 1857, a couple of years before Darwin’s book. Gosse was a very good and passionate naturalist, but also a devout literalist, and this tortured book was his attempt to, as he put it, “untie the geological knot” and reconcile the Bible and the fossil record. But I can’t see how after Darwin, any beliefs like this can be maintained. The sheer, endless beauty and depth of evolutionary theory is far beyond the dullness of a divine Creation.

Oliver Sacks, interviewed about his upcoming book.

However this point is completely separate. So don’t worry about that, he’s still writing about neurological stuff.

30 Awesome College Labs

Things I want to do now: study lava on an active volcano, crash cars for science, simply attend the University of Hawaii.

But hey! NYU is on here, which really surprised me because when it comes to achievements, NYU doesn’t have many! Probably because the president treats it like a business. To pretend that their expansion plan benefits the students is foolish, and if it isn’t benefiting the students.. Well.. Money must be going somewhere.

But I digress, I love science.

30 Awesome College Labs