July 2016

Once again, all these songs were set aside… Waiting… Waiting for me to assemble them into the seventh playlist of the year. A lot of top jams here: “She Talks Too Much” is somehow venomous¬†and wistful, “Wow” is a perfect summer song arriving during the hottest LA months (even if they’re practically fall), the beat of “Work Work” makes no sense but work works, Nelly continues to crush his features with “Millionaire,” and, regardless how you feel about the flick, the Ghostbusters soundtrack provided two excellent pop constructs.

But also: get hype for August and September. Holy wow have I made some great discoveries.

July 2016

May 16

I’ve got a new sort of listening rotation where I plan on posting in the middle of the current month to share last month’s playlist. But it should allow me to keep music delineated truer to the months based on when I was listening. Doesn’t really mean anything to you, given that you aren’t me and also we’re all irregular visitors here.

Anyway. I think this is a really strong playlist. All came together really well. Start summer (halfway through it) right.

Edit: haha its literally the first day of summer. ok

May 2016

Animal Collective, “FloriDada”

Whew, you know I been out the game when this happens behind my back and I miss out on it for more than a week. What a joyful return after the slightly jarring Centipede Hz. This hits me extra good because the avalanche of lyrics reminds me of my favorite AnCo song: Feels’ crush-elated adventure “The Purple Bottle.”

May 2015 / June 2015

I’m still hearing music sometimes! Just slow to arrange it. If it wasn’t there yet, this’ll set your summer right. If there’s anything worth taking from these, it’s that I like June more than May. That’s all. That’s it. #swag

May 2015

June 2015