Sleigh Bells, “Sing Like A Wire”

While I doubt this is anyone else’s yam off Bitter Rivals, it’s my third favorite and I was surprised to hear it live at the show. This is the greatest Mortal Kombat soundtrack of all time. That’s all I can muster when it comes to describing the sonic assault of this track. Enjoy.

Sleigh Bells, “Kids (Oh, Beats! remix)”

This sounds like the intro music to a Sleigh Bells 20th anniversary tour. I’m not really sure what sort of subgenre of EDM this counts as, there’s some skittering organ throughout and drums chattering right behind. With the odd instrumentation and sped-up vocals, the song is twisted into something urgent and nearly menacing, something that SB rarely achieve despite their heavy sound (in my own listening experience at least).


My first longer essayish/reporty thing for Grantland. Please enjoy.

I can’t even read this article right now and idc. I saw Sleigh Bells in Terminal 5 a year and a half ago with way more friends than I ever expected would want to see a show like that with me. It was magical, so I want to see what a pro writer can say about it.

Sugarcane burns the same when it touches the heat
when it touches the heat

Hurricane always came and the seasons complete
I was late for December, you were already there
You could take me there but you don’t even care

I’m a little late. Never wrote the review of this album that I wanted to, but that’s okay, I’ve got a lot going on. “Sugarcane” is probably my favorite track: its drums are so scattered and clipped, supporting the start-stop acoustic guitar solo. Alexis’ vocals hover peacefully in the eye of the ‘canes sweeping the cane. Beware.

Sleigh Bells, “Bitter Rivals”

We’re suddenly a month away from the dawn of a new Sleigh Bells LP and the global rain of sugar-flavored blood that accompanies such an event.

Maybe it’s the dogs barking in the intro, the Florida Universal Studios globe, Alexis’s croptop, or the blues-tinged riffs, but this track sounds like a swampy family feud. I’m gonna pretend that you didn’t read the title: it’s a love song to a nemesis, acknowledging that if you didn’t have him to hate, you wouldn’t have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Sorta the opposite of my relationship with Sleigh Bells.