how to improve your writing while still fucking around on the internet all day

1. start a twitter
2. think a cool unboring thought, as you do daily already
3. if the thought is longer than 200 characters, post it on facebook
4. if it’s shorter than that, winnow it down to 140 characters and post it on twitter
5. don’t crosspost
that’s it. you’re automatically expanding on thoughts that deserve it while delivering pithy ones with precision. i’d like to think these are both important to practice for your whole writing life.
as a fun aside, you’re contributing to a social media landscape wherein facebook contains more ruminations from friends & life updates & a community based on the larger-scale discussion that we clearly all yearn for there. (why else argue dreaded politics?) meanwhile, twitter further grows into a source of content with creators at arm’s length from what’s consumed: you aren’t there to keep in touch (grandma aint on it), you’re there to blast out bon mots and cackle at others’.
they’re different platforms that function best for different purposes and i believe that if everyone in the world had both a facebook and twitter account that they posted on daily, the landscape i’ve described above would shake out this way organically.

Gizmodo – Facebook Is Finally Building a “Dislike” Button


Facebook needs a “You Didn’t Read The Article You’re Sharing” button for everyone breathless over “Disliking” posts. Zuckerberg proves his continued failure to communicate with this PR-nightmare of an announcement, but he probably knows people won’t leave Facebook over disappointed expectations. Can’t wait for all the whining when the final product is something like “Sympathize” or “Thoughtful.”