Ten Hours of Oh My Dayum

Sometimes you ask yourself if you want to feel good or bad in your soul. Answer wisely.


well shit.

Like once every six months I remember what a jam “Colors of the Wind” is, I think it slips my mind in the Disney pantheon cause I was never huge on Pocahontas as a kid. This is also the first time in memory that I’ve appreciated pair skating; for all its icky pageantry, those are some controlled, strong, graceful bodies.


The Raveonettes- Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

I love Christmas music. So. Much. Especially when it’s good. So I’m gonna drop this track by The Raveonettes, who also love Christmas music. They just released an all-new Christmas EP and this is one of the songs from it.

This is actually one of my favorite Christmas songs, regardless of who covers it; I feel like the best Christmas songs have a slight tint of sadness to them. That’s probably why my favorite part of this song is the breakdown including the lyrics below. Soul-crushing.

I’m gonna try to post a couple more Christmas songs as the month goes on, so do try to keep up.


Car Stereo (Wars)- Who Likes Nick McKenna

So anyways I wouldn’t exactly call Car Stereo (Wars) a “Girl Talk Killer” as I just saw Girl Talk on Sunday and he seems fairly invincible- However, just listen to Lip Gloss bounce from whatever the slammin’ first riff is (damnit I should know it) More Than A Feeling, to that other middle ground before gliding into Float On by Modest Mouse and tell me that doesn’t sound sexy. Sure, it’s a little jumpy, but that’s okay sometimes. Well done sir, I will be purchasing your album soon and await the day you tour in NYC.

Oh and whatever the hell is going on up there in the album cover is the coolest thing ever.

Buy the album or download some tracks here: