October 2016

Dropping this here and now because there’s more important shit going on than agonizing over the order of a playlist. And I don’t mean politically, I mean hierarchy of needs-ally. Wow these songs are good though. AINT THEY ALWAYS

Oct 16


August 2016

It never ends, folks. Just like the opening tingles of “Weekend” never fails to send the same up and down my spine. September’s turning out gargantuan so keep an eye out for that too.

August 2016


December 15 | Best 15 | January 16 | February 16 | March 16

I’ve been keeping playlists in secret so that I could dump them on your goddanged head at an opportune moment.

December 15

Best 15
Look at that! My 50 favorite songs from last year. Ordered more for vibe than any ranking of quality. Other than the fact that they were better than every other song in 2015. I heard them all.

January 16

February 16

March 16

I’m having very good feelings about April.

September 2015

This playlist has been ready to share for actual weeks. Whatever. Don’t miss out.

Top three, in no particular order: “West Coast,” “Something About You (ODESZA remix),” “Family”

May 2015 / June 2015

I’m still hearing music sometimes! Just slow to arrange it. If it wasn’t there yet, this’ll set your summer right. If there’s anything worth taking from these, it’s that I like June more than May. That’s all. That’s it. #swag

May 2015

June 2015