Soul Like De La: On the Steubenville, Ohio reblog


(And Chaz I know where you stand on this argument but I wanted to respond in depth to “sweetasspring” which my eye reads as “sweet-ass-spring” which sounds like a gender-neutral rape-prevention device manufactured by Acme. heh)


Right. It’s like wait, how about pointing blame at people who attack? However, Black parents would say the justice system is unfair against Black men so sure a fucked up cop may stop a black guy for driving while black [Crash anyone?] but the same parents would say don’t give the cop a reason to mess with you in the first place. I feel that’s the rationale, stay out of places you don’t belong but within certain context other things must be accounted for.

You draw a very strong parallel, one that I hadn’t thought of before. Mulling it over kept me from jumping to a response last night. I guess that sort of precaution is more a matter of privilege than blaming: where everyone shouldn’t rape but we tell women to avoid rape-situations, everyone SHOULDN’T give a reason for a cop to mess with us, but white people are lucky to not have to worry about it. It’s still an imbalance, ostensibly victim-blaming, that doesn’t get spoken about as much as rape culture, perhaps because we’ve so internalized the idea of “… yeah, cops hate minorities, that’s not changing for awhile” where with today’s young men we can be like “DON’T STICK YOUR DICK PLS” and maybe make a difference.

Soul Like De La: On the Steubenville, Ohio reblog

On the Steubenville, Ohio reblog


“I wish there was a way to say you need to be aware of your surroundings without sounding like you’re victim shaming/blaming.”-sweetasspring

How do you articulate this? I like to think what if a loved one was the victim? I wouldn’t say she should’ve known better. I’d probably be like Sam Jackson in the movie “A Time To Kill”.

The problem I have with the language here is that nobody needs to be aware of their surroundings when it concerns the will of others. If I trip and fall and all my Sacajaweas roll out of my chest pocket, and some dude snatches them up and runs away laughing, was I the one in the wrong? If I’m drunk and asleep on the subway and another commuter rolls up and blasts my head off with a shotgun, is it my fault? No, instead we say “that was a bad person who stole and murdered you, who saw that your guard was down and your Sacs were escaping and decided to ruin your life. Bad person.”

The people who argue that girls need to “be aware of their surroundings” (please notice how close that phrase is to the deliciously paranoid “beware of their surroundings”) suggest that it’s practical to spend more energy on making girls frightened instead of making sure guys don’t forcibly penetrate. I would rather write passages like this on my tumblr than convince girls that they have more reasons to be miserable.

(And Chaz I know where you stand on this argument but I wanted to respond in depth to “sweetasspring” which my eye reads as “sweet-ass-spring” which sounds like a gender-neutral rape-prevention device manufactured by Acme. heh)

And here’s where I felt like replying to all the recent Public Shaming tweets because the sources would never see my responses (if they haven’t deleted their profiles already) and I want to participate somehow


If you thought these unbelievable reactions to Steubenville would just peter out, I guess you can say you were pretty, pretty wrong.

Part 1.

Part 2.

And here’s part 3:


Yeah! And same to confused hikers who get shot to death by paranoid land-owners. LIL TRESPASSER. (This is a bad analogy and I’m tired. Stick around.)


Maybe if you want to be a human being, you should try getting blackout drunk. Just a thought


Kenni Shane has a lot of insider knowledge about these people (including the girl whose name has not been publicly released, much less a description of her personality, her interest in being raped or her willingness to exchange sex for money [what? if he’s allowed to define whore as “a girl I don’t like” i should be at least allowed to reference the original definition]), has anyone questioned him? Has anyone found this witness to the crime? #ArrestKenniShane


“Clowning” is a wonderful substitution for “raping.” Does it marginalize rape? No, clowns are as bad as rape.


Thank god we raised the drinking age from 18 to 21 in 1984, it cut way back on rapes. Hey whoah now we just need to raise the raping age.




Don’t worry dude, it’s still sexual assault to record those videos without her consent so no need to feel sick unless you for some reason begin to think about the ramifications of everything you fucking do


Well, I finally see a solution that I think everyone here can agree on: if women can’t be trusted to choose drinking safely (much like men cannot choose not to rape), we should ban alcohol. JUST KIDDING I bet nothing would change.


I got thrown out of a hotel bar for falling off a table. Nobody has ever held me responsible for that. So men get away with it too and that means everyone gets away with it which means nobody gets away with it which means your take on this means nothing. Thanks anecdotal evidence.


I stood on the subway tracks for fun. I got that drunk. And now I know that I should have died.



Oh wait, maybe The Cinder Cellar is a girl.

I don’t know if these responses make any sense but they at least capture my feelings maybe

Anonymous Leaks Horrifying Video of Steubenville High Schoolers Joking About Raping a Teenager ‘Deader than Trayvon Martin’

A friend shared this with another on Facebook. Since I treat Facebook like a combined comedy playground + laboratory, I tried to make a joke. Someone replied, and I got the chance to question what I’m doing even more than my anxiety over being hated usually forces me to. I imagine that my point of view is very similar to what my friends expect from me, but I feel like I came up with a couple of thoughts new to me.

Since I do all my best writing in Facebook comments, here we go:

  • Brian J K Regan oh so now we have to ruin these young men’s promising comedy careers??? when does it end
  • M. Q. what part of that is comedy? or are you being facetious? either way, no.
  • Brian J K Regan I dunno I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Leno rip “She’s raped deader than Trayvon Martin” later this week

    (M.Q.: there are people commenting on the Jezebel article that defend this video, writing that “people make objectionable jokes in close company all the time.” My point is that the monologue captured in this video isn’t even jokes, it’s just topical comparisons meant to shock, and that anyone who believes this is “shock comedy” is really overestimating the amount of thought these boys put into their words. This is, in effect, an illustration of the divide in comedy about rape jokes: unacceptable ones use rape, “acceptable” ones discuss rape. Since I like to contribute to positive discourse, in writing my comments I want to draw a connection between anyone who defends these boys’ sense of humor to the fucking rape apologists who bemoan the rapists’ futures— hopefully anyone who would read it would see that.

    But you didn’t. So I’ve failed, not you. And maybe this apologetic analysis/follow-up joke can make up for it or clarify for anyone else. I would hope that Olivia isn’t FB friends with anyone who would be illuminated by my joke in the first place; either way, I approach serious topics this way because it’s good practice for my future, more fun/less sad for me than rehashing all the real articles I read on these topics, and a way to reach people whose eyes would gloss over at any two paragraph long comment like this one.

    If anything about my approach still makes you uncomfortable, _please_ continue the discussion.)

Anonymous Leaks Horrifying Video of Steubenville High Schoolers Joking About Raping a Teenager ‘Deader than Trayvon Martin’