The New York Times, “Face Tattoos Go Mainstream”

I’ve spent about three weeks telling friends that by the next generation, face tattoos are going to be acceptable. They all scoffed. Good news: I trust old-ass newspapers when it comes to trends more than I do my same-aged friends.

Let’s cover some options:

The Duplitat, meant to confuse and ward off attackers.

Bregashi 7evenZer0, because Tekashi 6ix9ine has 69 tattooed on his body sixty-nine times and I can’t let him win.

Pride Day, because sometimes a Facebook filter just isn’t enough.

Ponce Lyfe, which, unfortunately, I have to wait until he dies before getting it inked. And he will never die, so…


A tattoo I’m taken with by Brandon David from Ink & Dagger in Georgia.

This is what I think a tattoo should be. If it must include cultural bits & bobs like Snorlax, then do more then a facsimile. Make that Snorlax your Snorlax, because you’re you and you appreciate this world for different reasons than the person on the bus ogling your tight tat. I assume this one’s bearer loves the outdoors, and so we end up with the digital vs. the natural, the cartoonish vs. the realistic, sleep vs. activity– a universe borne on the tummy of a cute behemoth. What happens when he wakes?

Look at how much is going on in this tiny black-and-white tat!


Done by Dan at Primal Decor in Eureka, California. If you’re anywhere near Humboldt County and in need of some body art, PLEASE go see the folks at Primal. You’ll be glad you did.

Full tattoo story here.

The parchment makes me think of an Indiana Jones poster, like the heart’s at the end of a treasure map. The anatomical heart reminds me of those close-ups in modern cartoons like Spongebob where the detail’s all gritty, gross, and silly. That light-hearted feel works so well with the message too.

(I’m looking up tats for inspiration.)

I watched Gangs of New York last week, and while I appreciate how much Martin Scorcese loves this city, you can either have your movie be a hero’s quest or a history lesson. Trying to stuff them both in is greedy.

That said, I wouldn’t mind having a Butcher Bill tattoo on my foot. Daniel Day-Lewis in this is like a better version of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Call me a heretic, but I think it’s a lot harder to act a believable crazy person than a supervillain with crystal clear motivation. Then again, I take every chance I get to cut down that dead bastard’s crowning achievement.


of all my tattoos- this little line is probably the most important

I share a similar sentiment! But that sentiment is unlikely to include penguin undies. (Whoah this is the first ever picture of my tat, managed to last a year and a half before I whipped it out)