It’s Like Miley’s Song Times 3 and Plus 4


I just jacked this from Faybo, it’s 25 random things about yourself. If you want to do your own in the comments, be my guest. I just like stuff. Wait I just saw that picture up there what is going on

1. I like writing and think the Internet is helping me get better at it.
2. Once I fell in a koi pond trying to reach the fish at a folk art festival. TALK ABOUT EMBARRASSING. (I was 18 years old.)
3. If I got a tattoo it would be typographic, not an image or symbol. That said, I will not get a tattoo until I know what it would say/had fierce meaning, and I am nowhere near that.
4. I really have nothing against any pets. Animals are the bomb. You can tell me that a fuzzy or scaly or blobby friend has no soul and I will love them all the same.
5. I am an old school Wallball pro- my preferred balltype is volleyball or Super Pinky.
6. I firmly believe that everything can be bettered with practice. My life has offered me a lot of examples.
7. I am addicted to organizational methods and customization. If I had a customizable organization method, I’d be like a cat with yarn. And a fierce yarn addiction that would leave me suffering from withdrawal if I ever strayed too far. And some sort of “yarn dealer” that could provide me with my fix.
8. I would feel like my life was a success if I either owned a zoo or loved my job. Those two might fold into each other somehow..
9. I am not a DJ, I just fuck around. Maybe since I can’t play an instrument it’s just nice to make sound happen.
10. I didn’t ever expect that I could just realize it without studying it or something, but I am now a real stickler for sound quality. iPod earbuds are suddenly unpleasant for me, which is more of a curse than a blessing. Like Spiderman kinda, but shitty.
11. Somehow I managed to not play sports for all of high school. It was more of me doing things I enjoyed more, because I love playing. I kinda regret missing out on some sort of team, but I can’t do everything.
12. I really need to listen to more Buck 65, he is amazing.
13. My favorite musical sound right now is Baltimore Club. The production impresses me beyond measure and the samples are so cut up that they literally make something entirely new, like new words or something.
14. I really love how we as humans (maybe me more than others, WHO KNOWS) steal mannerisms. My friends and I share a lot of the same behaviors.
15. Even though I find it difficult to finish books lately, I must read a ton. And not just Facebook wallposts or something. Articles, mostly.
16. I’m real good at keeping phones from breaking, but for some reason I drop my most recent one a lot more. It’s a tough bugger, I hope it can hold out for a long time.
17. Some goals: Fire-eating, six ball juggling, getting paid more and frequently.
18. I would love to do improv or comedy for a living. Good god yes.
20. I liked to live out a fairly expansive fantasy world from like the age of 5 to 8, it had a lot to do with fighting. But I didn’t let it keep me from friendses! Probably had something to do with not having siblings.
21. I read Wired, Mad, Esquire, and Maxim as of late. I have also had subscriptions to PSM, National Geographic for Kids, Ranger Rick, Highlights, Cracked, Nintendo Power, Nickelodeon.. And probably more. I like magazines, and they’re super cheap these days.
22. I think that the program Evernote has the most potential power out of all the organizational tools I use, but I don’t have all the necessary tools.
23. I don’t like to pay over 20 dollars for tickets to a concert, I don’t like to pay over 3 dollars to see a movie, I don’t like to pay anything for food and drink. I especially don’t like paying full price to see an action movie. I feel empty after I watch it, like nothing was gained. It’s cool while I’m there, but nothing was learned.
24. I do not attempt to reconcile torrenting. It is wrong, but I am not strong enough to convince myself the moral victory is greater than my personal pleasure. OOPS
25. I used to hate cookie dough in ice cream, I now love it.

check the furs, pimp.

But that’s all boring, I prefer ONE random fact about Thomas Jefferson!

1. Dude had a lisp.