the laughing fruit – Tomba! 2 (Whoopee Camp – PSX – 1999)

requested by cameos

In the early days of my teenaging, I exchanged Tomba! 2 and fourteen other Playstation games for a $100 discount on a PS2. Smooth move. The only game I regret sliding across that Gamestop counter more is Team Buddies (and if obscurevideogames highlights it, I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to ramble).

But I don’t like Tomba because he’s worth monies, I like Tomba because he was the star of two very weird, artfully-designed and traditionally-difficult platformers. Set in an open world, most of your missions concerned helping people with their little chores and errands (like laundering giant birds) and grappling pig soldiers with a hold that maximized chafing (see the above animation). I regret giving this game up because I only beat it once, and didn’t 100% its many questlines and interwoven stories. That’s the least it deserves.

Oh well, I’ve got other trade-ins up my sleeve that could probably cover a new copy and provide investment funds for Tomba! 3.