Diplo, “No Problem (feat. Flinch & My Name Is Kay)”

Listening to his new EP Express Yourself, it’s easy to forget that Diplo is the mind behind all six tracks. A variety of contributors (10! Over six songs!) and sub-genres (6? I think?) mixes up your expectations, but Diplo’s hard-edged sexy sound slathered over each beat keeps you grounded and, ultimately, sated. “No Problem” pairs deep house synths with a rattling siren during the verses, then that siren slips a notch more delicate for the chorus kickdrum. Just when you think it’s possibly funky enough, a shredding electro riff punches along to the beat, and you don’t know whether to grind up on the nearest warm body or inflict headbang-whiplash on yourself. A surprise standout from a powerhouse EP. Check it.