Badass Bartender of the Day: Sure, Ukrainian bartender Alexander Shtifanov can put on a show. But how are his people skills?


Bar flair intrigues me because the addition of a spout to your juggling clubs manages to open up a whole new realm of possibilities. All those elbow-bumps he gives to the bottles, to add spins— I don’t think that can be done with clubs for whatever reason. If it was possible, I’d hope I would have seen it by now. The slow-mo shot where he launches the drink and swipes all the liquid out of the air is a new one to me.

Some of my tried-and-true techniques:

  • launching the liquid into the air and catching it all on my head
  • drinking
  • accidentally dropping my glass mid-conversation for no reason
  • shaky hands
  • throwing bottles off of fire escapes
  • ffFuck theshe bottles, yall wanna shee a maj-ick trick?”