DK64 ABC, “K Rool: Diddy, Tiny, and Chunky Phase – 8xA”


Some frightening genius constructed a tool-assisted run of Donkey Kong 64 in which the A button is pressed as little as possible. This is equivalent of pole-vaulting without a pole. The A button controls functions like jumping and selecting items in menus. Jumping tends to be important in video games.

This is the final video in the series. It’s actually somewhat disappointing, given that it features 8 A button presses after keeping the total down to 38 for the entire rest of the game at 101% completion. I recommend the rest of the vids ahead of this one, but wanted to point out that its finally wrapped and you can watch the entire thing. A favored clip features a technique that would take an absurd number of hours if not sped up and completed by a computer. (Duplicated copies of items are shepherded into one room to generate huge amounts of lag so that damage knockback is prolonged and lends itself to greater distance. It’s elegant.)

There’s no point to this challenge and yet it means everything. Digital asceticism bringing us closer to deus ex machina.

World War 1 seen through Battlefield

This may be my favorite glitch video of all time.

I don’t say that lightly. Each glitch highlighted could be its own video, but the editor never lets any shot outstay its welcome. Not to mention the variety of glitches on display! You have incidental game fuck-ups (tracers hovering frozen in the air, characters falling through floors) and forced reality-benders resulting from player input (anything involving planes colliding, soldiers riding on biplanes). Took me until about halfway through to realize that the audio track is from a commercial for the game.



One half of the band Lightning Bolt is designing this “rhythm violence” game. It’s as if Enter the Void‘s trippy slips through time and space were screening on the inside of your dropship, mere moments before plunging into battle on terra firma. If Lightning Bolt is pump-up music, here’s their pump-up game.