Mortal Kombat Deception (Hara Kiri Glitch Compilation)

It turns out that if you perform a series-famous Fatality at the same time as a series-misstep Hara Kiri, the game just gives you spacetime-rending suicide.

jesus christ I have had this open in my browser for like two weeks just wanting to post it but also never exactly feeling inspired enough to post it, I don’t know why, but here, just here, take it, enjoy, it’s a map of Westeros (from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire) done up in Super Mario World graphics, fuck, it doesn’t even feel worth it anymore, I’m tired and have bruises up and down my arms and can’t muster up the energy to write more than the 500 words I already committed to my thoughts on last night’s show, so just hold out a lil longer, we’ll get there together

The American Reader – “Pokemon, Paradigmatically” by Patrick Carroll

Patrick, same age as me, writes about Pokemon with a— you guessed it!— paradigmatic approach plus the flair of an English major; that is, depending on whether you chose Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle, what does that say about you? I picked all three over the course of my life (concluding with a Charmander run through Leaf Green about four years ago) but started my first game with Squirtle. “OMG,” I am “chipper from forever until forever,” so maybe Patrick and I wouldn’t get along…

I nanny for two boys whose only exposure to Pokemon is the TCG (which they have no fucking clue how to play, they just stare at their piles of cards), so I’m bringing my GBA (8 years old at this point!) and copy of Ruby to their house today to show them what Pokemon’s really all about— but I don’t think there’s any hope of capturing what Pat and I felt together. The kids already have their expectations (“Mew is the most powerful and rarest” bitch please) so how can there be any real discovery?

The American Reader – “Pokemon, Paradigmatically” by Patrick Carroll