Kitty Pryde, “285”

Kittaveli wrote an ode to recently-shuttered DIY Brooklyn venue 285 Kent (I linked to an article about its closing recently.) I’ve never seen her perform there, only LA, but this song is probably the most loving and wistful thing she’s ever done— which is saying something, given that nearly every song she writes is about the heaviest crush ever. Here she uses some angry-ish house synths to really open up the chorus at the end. It’s fun to dance to, but a little disconcerting.

we say goodbye i guess/ i will see you around/ and i will clean up my mess/ and i’ll never wear you down/

Major Lazer, “Smooth Sailing ft. Mr. Williamz”

The original “Jessica” by Major Lazer was close to one of my favorites on the album, but it felt a little empty despite Ezra Koenig’s frenchy coos. This remix does away with that, bringing in a Mr. Williamz to get the dubsters slow-dancing. The original let a lover go like the climax to a cold New Wave film. We know he misses her here.

Sleigh Bells, “Sing Like A Wire”

While I doubt this is anyone else’s yam off Bitter Rivals, it’s my third favorite and I was surprised to hear it live at the show. This is the greatest Mortal Kombat soundtrack of all time. That’s all I can muster when it comes to describing the sonic assault of this track. Enjoy.