Not trying to put him on blast, I suspect Zach Dionne co-opted this phrase after seeing my own use and it’s cool that I’ve affected anything ever

I don’t know if this dude is actually friends with my boss, but Steve’s been coincidentally and conveniently unfollowed by my boss’s Twitter account because even if Steve’s jokes weren’t repulsive, they also aren’t jokes because they aren’t funny. KO Comedy doesn’t support hate or boring angry babymen who never learned how to be funny and, as such, will not find success in their chosen field.

I’ve also wanted to make a gif out of these faces for a week now so everyone wins



King of the Ring 1993 qualifying matchups

there’s brilliant and then there’s brilliant and then there’s calling your wrestler “The Narcissist”

I forgot all about Doink, but it’s a testament to WWE’s marketing that I even know who he is at all considering I’ve never watched more than five minutes of a match in one sitting.

dude stop i’m killing me with all this laffing

edit: my favorite part of me here is how quickly i can shift from professional to bizarre and back again. me me me. meme. whoah

The Continued Adventures of Me Being An Insufferable Asshole To Everybody Because I’ve Got The Friends I’ve Got And That’s All I Need

First post was me attempting to get folks from the original comments to respond, as there was two hours of nothing and I was getting antsy. It drew back one young lady, Morgan, who said I was being “too philosophical” for the discussion and squawked out some “muh rights” and also misspelled “lightning” a couple times (which was funny) but right after I posted my long-ass response, the original poster deleted the whole thread!!

I’m sorry if you came to my tumblr expecting anything entertaining, but I’m pretty certain that I’ll turn all of this into jokes eventually so you’re getting an inside look at the sad sad process. Plus, this is how I’m coping with stemming the tide of my many addictions. Finally, it is very fun and I feel whole. I am so fucking upset about the news from this morning and this is all I can do to stop myself from crying.

edit: hahahah nobody deleted anything, they just blocked me, oh my god, I AM IN MY ELEMENT

Fuckers. Fuckers who can’t read, fuckers who defend their right to kill. I didn’t post that comment because I’m still trying to do the merely-okay thing.

I’ve found that over the past week and a half, I’ve referred to pretty much everyone as fuckers. I’m okay with this. From fuckers wandering down the middle of the lane in the parking lot to fuckers who try to shut me down for my unseemly passion. They aren’t bad, they aren’t evil, but they’re fucking things up. You don’t have to believe that they’re fucking up the progress of people, I ain’t the one to decree that no matter how much I believe it, but they’re fucking with my mental state.

o lord forgive them, they know not what they fuck



If you think some minor 4th-wall breaking is the greatest joke ever written for Adventure Time, you’ve seen one episode of Adventure Time and it’s the one portrayed above.