Far Cry 4

Alright last piece of E3 that interested me so far. Far Cry 3 was such a tightly-controlled, joyful experience, and this looks like that but with even more attention to how traversing its world felt. That fluid sensation of movement and action is the defining characteristic of my favorite games, be they platformers or FPS. Maybe the PS4 will take a price cut like three years from now and I’ll finally get to play it as intended.

No Man’s Sky

So this is a videogame about flying around the universe and discovering animals and plants and resources and whole planets, right? All I ever needed.

Riff Raff, “How To Be The Man”

If you like hip-hop, you need to know who Riff Raff is. It doesn’t matter if you like him, you just need to be aware. Jay-Z is boring. Eminem is boring. Riff grabs your attention. I saw Lil Debbie, Kitty Pryde and Riff Raff in October 2012. I share that because I just want my opinions to seem trustworthy, y’know? I can feel the pulse pretty okay, y’know? I’m still the same lame dork I’ve always been, even in past lives my professional title or my caste or my adventurer class was always “Lame Dork”

The Onion – “Christ, Article A Video”

I was so confused about what the title was saying, but once I got it, I was at home.

except the part where the interviewees relent: fuck a video, words are faster and less boring