Riff Raff, “How To Be The Man”

If you like hip-hop, you need to know who Riff Raff is. It doesn’t matter if you like him, you just need to be aware. Jay-Z is boring. Eminem is boring. Riff grabs your attention. I saw Lil Debbie, Kitty Pryde and Riff Raff in October 2012. I share that because I just want my opinions to seem trustworthy, y’know? I can feel the pulse pretty okay, y’know? I’m still the same lame dork I’ve always been, even in past lives my professional title or my caste or my adventurer class was always “Lame Dork”

The Onion – “Christ, Article A Video”

I was so confused about what the title was saying, but once I got it, I was at home.

except the part where the interviewees relent: fuck a video, words are faster and less boring


addicted to listening to every song ever recorded by ariana grande and imagining scenes from fantasia playing through my mind Рlike beautiful pegasus flying through storms and colourful centaurs falling in love 

like at the end when shes doing all the overdubs and it gets super flowery and the sonic texture is just like floating on clouds

Ariana Grande, “Last Christmas”

Stop it, Grimes. But also thank you for this cover. But stop being in my brain. But I actually really like it.

DJ Snake & Dillon Francis, “Get Low”

Besides the fact that this track has been out since February, why does every pop-trap jam sound like it’s out of the Middle East right now? (see also: “Dark Horse”)

The Leftovers trailer

The pitch meeting for this show was hopefully as simple as “We’re gonna make Left Behind but actually be artistic and smart and realistic and good.” Hell, I want this show to start a religious war between its audience and Left Behind readers. That would be so zeitgeisty.