“When Will The Bass Drop”

I really don’t want to like The Lonely Island and I think it’s because I’m a bitter asshole who can’t stand mass appeal, but that makes it all the more impressive that they always win me over. I think it has to do with their acute understanding of musical trends.

get turned up to death


Pop upstart Ariana Grande’s excitable song of the summer contender “Problem” is a Best New Track.

Holy shit this has like a “Crazy In Love” vibe mixed with peppy trap horns. Shades of “The Whisper Song.” And Iggy with that building siren and handclaps. omg. omggmgogm love on first listen!!


Who Could Forget Dancing?

I worked at a summer camp for a long time. This was a segment in a silly post-camp clip show from 2011 that I edited. It’s so adorable that I figure it’s worth sharing now as a standalone.

Kanye West, “The New Workout Plan”

Wait you’re telling me there’s an eight minute video for this song from 2004? I feel like I just unearthed something on an archeological dig, this is possibly my favorite song on The College Dropout. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to find it uncensored. So many of the lines are dropped.

edit: what the hell is this interlude, who is this dude, he’s repping Atlanta, i am quite confused